Charities and not-for-profit organisations are coming under increasing scrutiny. They need to be seen to be doing the right thing. Despite the goodwill that exists towards charitable organisations, their reputation is at risk if they do not achieve the high standards of conduct that donors, beneficiaries and the general public expect.

Policy management software for Charities

NETconsent is the leading automated policy management system for raising policy awareness and measuring compliance against your workplace policies and procedures. Not only will NETconsent track who has read, understood and signed up to your policies, but it provides trustees and managers with accurate information to identify and mitigate risk and to target resources more cost-effectively.

Why use NETconsent within the third sector?

  • NETconsent helps to create a culture where people know what is expected of them and empowers them to do the right thing.
  • NETconsent guarantees trustees, employees and volunteers are aware of relevant current policies by only presenting information specific to their role.
  • NETconsent strengthens accountability by ensuring people understand and sign up to mandatory policies and codes of conduct.
  • NETconsent helps to identify skills gaps by providing functionality to quiz users on their knowledge of policies and procedures.
  • NETconsent reduces the cost of proving compliance to auditors by facilitating the cross referencing of documents against regulations and keeping an accurate audit trail of policy revisions and people's agreement to adhere to them.
  • NETconsent drives down back office costs by automating previously labour intensive policy management processes.

Issues affecting Charities

NETconsent policy management software delivers a pro-active and sustainable approach for charitable organisations to handle the policy management lifecycle. Regular communication, monitoring and enforcement of policies and associated content becomes effective and manageable. Call us on +44 (0) 370 013 1600 to find out how NETconsent can help you address these challenges:

  • Retaining trust in the charity sector
  • Improving transparency and accountability
  • Communicating and enforcing new European Data Protection Regulation
  • Meeting the requirements of PCI-DSS and other regulatory mandates