To protect the integrity and profitability of financial institutions, corporate governance must be placed at the heart of operational activities and its importance communicated and understood by all employees.

NETconsent policy management software

NETconsent is the leading automated policy management system for monitoring, measuring and managing the effectiveness of your workplace policies and procedures. Not only will NETconsent track who has read, understood and signed up to your policies, but it arms middle and senior financial managers with accurate information to identify and mitigate risk and to target resources more cost-effectively.

Why use NETconsent within the financial services sector?

  • NETconsent promotes better governance because policies and procedures are pro-actively presented to relevant staff and managers given the tools to monitor compliance more effectively.
  • NETconsent strengthens accountability by ensuring people understand and sign up to policies and industry codes of conduct.
  • NETconsent enables greater agility to react swiftly to changing market conditions and regulatory mandates by providing an efficient mechanism of policy distribution.
  • NETconsent reduces the cost of litigation and mediation as well as the negative impact on brand reputation, and market valuation by keeping an accurate audit trail of policy revisions and people's agreement to adhere to them.
  • NETconsent helps achieve internal efficiencies by embedding best practice.
  • NETconsent drives down back office costs by automating previously labour intensive policy management processes.
  • NETconsent delivers immediate benefits as it is scalable and quick to deploy.

Issues affecting Financial Services

NETconsent policy management software helps organisations within the financial services sector to cut costs, reduce risk and improve performance. Call us on +44 (0) 370 013 1600 to find out how NETconsent could help you prepare for these challenges: