Why Policy Management Is Important

As the volume of regulations and legal requirements are ever increasing, there are some key questions that organisations need to ask themselves:

  • What is the risk and financial exposure if corporate policies are not followed or auditable?
  • Do we have the time, money, and resources to create, distribute, and audit an ever increasing number of policies that require constant editing, review, and approval by multiple people?

It is often said that policies are an organisations best kept secret, or considered a necessary evil given little attention until something goes wrong. Policies must influence people’s behaviour if they are to prove effective in achieving operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance, and cost savings.

If your policies aren’t managed properly you risk non-compliance and costly errors, resulting in a great deal of wasted time and money. In today’s competitive and highly regulated environment, you can’t afford that.

NETconsent Policy Compliance
Why Policy Management Fails

Why Policy Management Fails

Getting employees to read, understand, and more importantly, adopt workplace policies is a huge organisational challenge. In time-pressured environments, policy compliance just doesn’t rank above operational delivery.

Too often line managers neither have the information to assess the gap between policy theory and practice, nor the tools to enable them to do something about it.

Without a suitable policy management solution in place, driving employee accountability whilst keeping policies located on various different intranets and files shares up to date can be a huge headache for HR, and drain resources.

More Effective Policy Management

Delivering an effective policy management process doesn’t have to be an administrative burden for an organisation. NETconsent’s automated policy management software offers an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your policies, and something tangible to demonstrate compliance.

Its unique functionality means that version control can be applied, and policies delivered in multiple languages across multiple sites or countries.

Aside from delivering organisational efficiencies and demonstrating compliance, it also educates and empowers staff driving employee accountability.
More Effective Policy Management