LANconsent enables organisations to present policies, procedures, tests, assessments, eLearning modules and any other documents or media to users at the point of logon to the network.

If the user has any outstandings actions that require their attention, the LANconsent Kiosk is initiated at logon and the NETconsent Policy Management Centre is displayed instead of the user's desktop. Using LANconsent, organisations can ensure that users sign up to certain policies, such as Information Governance and IT Usage Policies, prior to being granted access to the network services.

Other policies & procedures deployed using the LANconsent PEP can be prioritised, so that higher risk documents receive attention earlier in the policy management lifecycle and lower risk documents are dealt with later on.

NETconsent settings

Documents within NETconsent may be set to:


The document may be read as necessary.


An organisation encourages users to view and sign up to a document.


Users are required to view and sign up to a document either:

  • Mandatory: Users must process the document prior to logging on to the network
  • Non-Mandatory: Users have a period of time in which to process a document before it becomes mandatory.


LANconsent is supported in Microsoft and Novell network environments, running Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 or later workstation and MAC OS X or later.