Snows Group Drive Compliance Into The Lead

Leading car dealership ensures FCA compliance along with better Corporate Communications

Snows Motor Group is a privately-owned, fast expanding company that provides a range of high-quality vehicles and services to motorists in Southern England. With 540 staff across 36 separate sites, the Snows Motor Group was in need of a policy management solution that could dramatically improve their communication and induction process, as well as help with FCA compliance.

Although making inductions more efficient was the main driver for introducing NETconsent, Snows Motor Group found the time saving and manageability aspects of the solution to be a huge benefit for policies across the business, such as Health and Safety.

Snows GroupStuart Truman, Group IT Manager at Snows Motor Group played a key role in selecting the NETconsent solution. “Identifying which users had seen and read policies used to be a labour intensive task, involving a network of managers being chased by HR. Now this information can be found by simply running a quick report, freeing up time and resource across multiple business units,” commented Stuart.

One of the functionality aspects that work’s really well for Snows Motor Group is the ‘enforcement’ feature, because it’s an easy way to ensure policies are viewed and read within appropriate timescales.  “Policies are more likely to be read if they are presented to employees rather than expecting staff to go searching for them, and if they aren’t being read properly, we can clarify why,” commented Stuart. The examiner functionality also allows them to take this a step further by monitoring the effectiveness of individual policies and the process by which they are delivered.  However the flexibility of the system still allows for customer-facing employees to use the ‘skip’ feature, which means it doesn’t interfere with their work when it really matters.

Snows Motor Group - KiaSnows Motor Group is audited by the FCA to ensure they are meeting regulations related to money laundering.  Falling behind such regulations would inevitably result in a heavy fine, therefore it is essential that policies such as these are automatically re-presented to employees on a regularly basis, so they are kept front of mind.  NETconsent allows Snows Motor Group to do this in an efficient way, providing a comprehensive audit trail.

The solution was initially implemented in September 2014, with a pilot running until January 2015, enabling managers across the business to get used to it, and build a library of content to provide a valuable resource to the business.  Feedback to date has been extremely positive with no complaints of interference in maintaining daily duties. 


Snows Motor Group - Kia


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