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Safeguarding against cyber breaches – how important is it to you?

How much have you invested in your cyber security training? It’s true that educating your teams drives awareness of risk, which helps prevent cyber breaches.

Training is expensive!” We hear you say. Well, perhaps it’s time for you to weigh up the cost of a cyber breach vs the cost of preventing one?

It could be you…
Organisations of all sizes are at risk of a cyber breach - with crippling financial impact. According to the official statistics published in 2019 by the UK government, 31% of small businesses, 60% of medium businesses and 61% of large businesses have identified a cyber breach or attack.

There’s more…
We’ve worked out that the average cost of a breach is £414.71 per user, per year. Below are the statistics we’ve used to calculate this staggering cost.

In 2018:

- The average cost of a data breach was £113 per user**
- The average number of
breaches per organisation was 3.67**
- The percentage of
UK businesses breached was 88%**

How can a breach be prevented?
Educate your teams. Quite simply, NETconsent will deliver the cyber security e-learning to your teams and enforce their participation. Powered by MediaPRO (a leading Gartner content provider), your teams will be delivered the latest cyber security eLearning modules, giving you peace of mind.

What makes this even better is that it’s achievable for around £11 per user, per year - which is less than 3% of the cost to your organisation for a breach.

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