NETconsent's Talking Points explore current thinking on a wide range of topics that relate to governance, policy compliance and risk management. Usually only one or two pages long, they are designed in a summary format for senior managers to find out about key issues and supporting statistical evidence.

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As a business owner, part of my business plan covers employee engagement. It’s a well-known fact that employee engagement is linked to the success of a company. When employees are engaged - maximised productivity, positive employee experience, and retention all happen naturally.

More often than not, employers are so focused on ‘the end result’ that they forget to keep their employees engaged along the way. With this comes diminishing levels of efficiency and productivity.

For me, setting goals without milestones is a recipe for disaster. Employees respond well to achievable, manageable goals - with support and guidance as they do it. Throwing a set of targets at an employee and telling them you’ll 'catch up in six months' will cause stress and confusion. This is certainly not the way to manage your workforce.

This methodology applies when you’re talking about your training and awareness modules too. Think for a moment about this:

You’ve emailed your employee a number of policies, procedures and regulatory training and awareness modules. They either need to read documents, complete eLearning tasks or take tests. You’ve told them it all needs to be done asap. Just think for a second how unmanageable this would be. How would you know:

  • Who completed the tasks?
  • When did they complete them?
  • How well do they understand?

The answers to these questions will be difficult to obtain, maybe even impossible - making the entire exercise not only a waste of time but also money.

This is why we have developed NETconsent. A software solution that will automatically distribute your training and awareness modules to the right people at the right time. Snippets of targeted and tailored eLearning, tests, documents and more are distributed to your teams - with manageable timescales for completion.

You can benefit from 100% user participation of your modules with our unique enforcement technologies.

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