NETconsent's Talking Points explore current thinking on a wide range of topics that relate to governance, policy compliance and risk management. Usually only one or two pages long, they are designed in a summary format for senior managers to find out about key issues and supporting statistical evidence.

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The plan.

The long-term plan for the NHS is to digitally transform the way in which they operate, helping improve the healthcare system: from how patients access and manage their health records to how AI can help clinicians apply best practice.


“Virtually every aspect of modern life has been, and will continue to be, radically reshaped by innovation and technology – and healthcare is no exception”


Key Points.

Within the NHS’ long-term plan to digitally transform are some key points which stand out for us:

Education of staff to secure NHS data*

Making use of digital tools to reduce the administrative burden**


Both of these points link closely to culture change and promoting change in staff behaviour to improve organisation processes and efficiency while mitigating risk.

NETconsent can reduce administrative burden as well as help educate your teams by:

Guaranteeing 100% participation of educational content through our enforcement technologies.

- Automating distribution of your content to the right teams, at the right time.

- Producing granular reports on staff progress with educational content.


Whether you’ve started or are about to embark on your digital transformation journey, let NETconsent help you.

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“Ensure NHS systems and NHS data are secure through implementation of security, monitoring systems and staff education.”*

“Use intuitive tools to capture data as a by-product of care in ways that empower clinicians and reduce the administrative burden.”**

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