NETconsent's Talking Points explore current thinking on a wide range of topics that relate to governance, policy compliance and risk management. Usually only one or two pages long, they are designed in a summary format for senior managers to find out about key issues and supporting statistical evidence.

NETconsent - Talking Points

Find out the facts

The NHS’ long-term plan to digitally transform means you’ll need to make improvements to the way your organisation operates through digitisation. These changes need not be disruptive but a positive step to improving the efficiency and productivity of the NHS service.


“As many as 26 of 73 NHS trusts still use pen and paper for vital records, according to a recent report from Nuance Communications that was based on a freedom of information request.”*


With the NHS plan in full swing, you’re either part way through or about to embark on your migration journey from paper-based to digital.


You should start with some of the most imperative tasks on your transformation list, which should include:

- Measuring staff compliance with information governance and security
- Maximising staff engagement with company policies, procedures and regulations such as GDPR and The Data Protection Act.

- Educating your workforce on cyber threats to protect NHS data.


With your current legacy environment, it’s a challenge to measure levels of compliance and engage your staff with training content. Assessing staff knowledge and identifying areas of risk is somewhat impossible…


How can NETconsent help?

NETconsent is enforceable and therefore, we can guarantee 100% participation of your training and awareness modules. You can also benefit from:

- Granular reporting on staff engagement with your modules as well as identify areas of risk.

Targeted and automated delivery of your modules

Tailored e-learning material to engage staff and address the identified risks



How disruptive is migration with NETconsent?

We can rollout NETconsent to your entire organisation in less than two hours. Plus, NETconsent is cost effective - requiring limited infrastructure resource.

Little disruption, big benefits. Find out more!


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