NETconsent's Talking Points explore current thinking on a wide range of topics that relate to governance, policy compliance and risk management. Usually only one or two pages long, they are designed in a summary format for senior managers to find out about key issues and supporting statistical evidence.

NETconsent - Talking Points

Find out the facts

Your educational institution, whether a school or a university, will be handling data in some form and as such, you are responsible for your own data governance compliance. Failing to protect your data could see your institution facing action from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Data Governance is just the start…
Data Governance is just one of the many ‘pressure points’ when it comes to compliance for your educational institution. Others include; Information SecuritySafeguarding and Cyber Security. With this comes the added pressure of being able to demonstrate your compliance through detailed reports on; who, what and how.

We also understand that for your organisation, there could be the added pressure of an OFSTED inspection...

Are you prepared?

OFSTED: enforcing compliance.
As we’re sure you know, OFSTED don’t directly include GDPR for example, within their inspection framework. However, they are specifically required to ensure that schools have adequate measures in place to protect the data of both staff and students. 

"Whilst OFSTED have confirmed that at present the GDPR will not be a part of an inspection, OFSTED must ensure that schools fulfil their statutory duties as part of their leadership and management judgement. If for example, they were to ask for details of your DPO, and none was appointed, you cannot meet your statutory duties." -

So, for your upcoming OFSTED inspection, you need to be prepared to demonstrate adequate protection of data as well as your students and their learning experiences.

What about Cyber Security?
Cyber Security plays a big part in data protection. In the UK, it is obvious that we see the importance and relevance of Cyber Security, with a staggering £20 million invested in the ambitious Cyber Schools Programme . The programme encourages students to develop the key skills required to help defend the nation’s businesses against online threats.

Your institution needs to 
prove the right measures are in place to help protect yourselves against Cyber Attacks, which are often as a result of a human error - for example, a Phishing attack.

"Nearly every data breach in schools is the result of human error" -

Do you have the right tools in place to facilitate compliance?

Educating your staff and students using a comprehensive compliance tool will help facilitate compliancemitigate risk and prove you have the right measures in place to protect your data and organisation.

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