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CEO, Lee Reynolds, will be heading to Singapore this month to attend multiple cyber security events.

Events as follows:

-Singapore International Cyber Week 18th-21st

-Tech Innovation 19th- 20th

-Governmentware 19th-21st

- Asia Risk Congress 26th

If you are attending any of theses events and would like to get in touch, please contact him at:

For More Information

t: +44 (0)370 013 1600


About NETconsent

NETconsent Ltd is a leading vendor of compliance and communications software that automates the policy management life-cycle, delivers e-learning content and promotes user awareness. By making content more visible and enforceable we help public and private sector clients to raise standards of individual accountability and conduct among their employees, contract suppliers and partners. NETconsent Ltd is a UK company based in Fleet.