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NETconsent is a British software company with offices in the UK, Middle East and soon to be far east, has been delivering its compliance automation platform to customers since early 2005. NETconsent is widely recognised as the market leader in compliance automation from large to small enterprises in private and public sectors across the world.

Yellow Room learning is a UK based E-learning content provider that services public and private sector customers across Europe since 2014. With standard and tailor-made content from GDPR packages all the way through to security awareness training, Yellow Room Learning has been recognised by the GDS Cybersecurity Awards 2017 for the quality of the E-learning content they produce.

Lee Reynolds CEO of NETconsent commented “I’m very excited about introducing Yellow Room Learning as one of our new technology partnerships to existing and new customers, they specialise in Cyber Security Awareness Training, they have a proven track record of delivering security awareness campaigns and training programmes to high profile customers across Europe.

The integration into our platform will allow customers to have a full comprehensive content library as well as the best of breed E-learning content to help test and train user’s understanding and awareness. This content runs seamlessly on our compliance automation engine and allows customers to quickly and easily report on progress in real time and deliver management reports to auditors.”

Ben Hancock, Managing Director of Yellow Room Learning said:

Deciding to be a technology partner with NETconsent was a very easy and quick decision to take for us. Their cutting-edge technology, and their position as the leading compliance automation platform, means that together we can reach a lot of people with quality, effective learning materials, and help businesses to become more resilient to cybercrime.”

As we move into 2018 and beyond, we look forward to working together, delivering to our customers the best of breed combined integrated solutions available in the market today.


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NETconsent Ltd is a leading vendor of compliance and communications software that automates the policy management life-cycle, delivers e-learning content and promotes user awareness. By making content more visible and enforceable we help public and private sector clients to raise standards of individual accountability and conduct among their employees, contract suppliers and partners. NETconsent Ltd is a UK company based in Fleet.