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SYDNEY, NSW., May 8th, 2018 – Cloud Distribution, one of Asia Pacific’s fastest growing IT Distributors announced today, the signing of a distribution agreement with NETconsent to expand the availability of the products into the Asia market.

NETconsent is the market leader in Compliance Automation as a Platform, and deals with policy management and training, streamlining and automating most task that departments in companies find very difficult to administrate, offering our own communication tools to apply to this, we offer a sure fire way of delivering any training, policy, certification or industry standard such as ISO 27001 or Notifiable Data Breaches scheme (NDB) and others such as Victorian Protective Data Security Standard  (VPDSS) to employee’s to their desktop ensuring delivery on log on guaranteeing the process is followed and done, we offer monitoring of users through this process and deliver real time reporting, completing the arguers task of any companies pain points in the compliance in keeping regulatory employee history for future reference.

"It's a very exciting day for us, our channel partners and more importantly organization across the Asia Pacific region", said Mark Winter, Chief Executive Officer at InTechnology Distribution”. “Strengthening the human factor around compliance is front of mind for most government, public and private enterprises”, Mark said.“ This agreement with NETconsent will provide our partners with access to the world’s leading compliance and communications software provider with the most mature and proven technology”, Mark concluded.

We spend a great deal of time researching new vendors and new technology and how this will fit in and complement our existing vendor portfolio and partner network”, said Charlie Creegan, Chief Channel Officer (CCO) at Cloud Distribution. NETconsent are a perfect fit to complement our security portfolio and resonates extremely well with our partner base and their customers”.

“Cloud Distribution have a long-standing history of taking new and exciting technologies to the Asia market, with its network of partners around the region and I very excited to offer the NETconsent Compliance Platform to their partners and end-users alike, we have key customers in the Asia region, an ever-changing world and the increased need for Compliance Automation in so many forms I know that we will have great success together, happy selling CEO NETconsent Lee Reynolds”


About Cloud Distribution

Cloud Distribution was launched in April 2015 and is the brainchild of InTechnology Distribution’s Asia Pacific Managing Director Mark Winter and Security Veteran and GURU Jason Burn to bring together the world’s leading cloud providers and the channel across the Asia Pacific region. We understand that end customers, regardless of their size or industry segment are moving to the value propositions in cloud-based solutions to help reduce their total cost of ownership and receive a better return on their investment. The cloud is about the business value and how this helps organizations scale and ultimately become more profitable.

About NETconsent

NETconsent Ltd is a worldwide leading software vendor of compliance and communications software that automates the policy management life-cycle, delivers e-learning content and promotes user awareness. By making content more visible and enforceable we help public and private sector clients to raise standards of individual accountability and conduct among their employees, contract suppliers and partners. NETconsent Ltd is a UK company based in Fleet. 

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