Safe Decision Co. LLC

Safe Decision Co. LLC

NETconsent Authorised Partner

An Nada
Uthman Ibn Affan Rd
Arriyadh - KSA
PO Box 4442
Riyadh 13317

Safe Decision Co. LLC

Safe Decision facilitate cybersecurity to value add to our customer as managed services , Cybersecurity solutions and Cybersecurity consultation services.

About us

Safe Decision Co. LLC, founded in 2012 as information Technology Company, located in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Safe Decision is a computer security service offers Cybersecurity, Network, and Infrastructure with professional team services. Moreover, we are the support of a group of professionals, students and enthusiasts who specialize in Cybersecurity. Safe Decision targets customers locally in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East.


Achieving highest level of Cybersecurity and keeping cybersecurity simple and reliable.


Our mission is to offer innovative and practical solutions to make our customers’ work environment to be high efficiency and quality with more security by a knowledge transfer to ensure continuity through applying best practices.

Every letter from the Safe Decision name describes the company values and objectives    

Satisfaction selling.

Added value.

Framework guarantee.

Expert in the field.

Deliver more than expected.

Effective knowledge transfer.

Commitment To deadlines.

Innovative solutions.

Successful stories.

Intelligent team.

Oriented projects.

Next Generation Solutions.


We achieved the highest level of reliability for our customers. Our customers get more than their expectations from our team and to be good representatives of our ethics in the field of cybersecurity.

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