Can you help me to implement NETconsent?

The NETconsent Implementation Methodology saves time, effort and cost

NETconsent has developed a fully documented Implementation Methodology designed to help clients save time, effort and cost as well as ensuring a successful policy management automation project.

NETconsent has been designed to solve the perennial dilemma facing businesses today - "We know our staff do not actually read the policy documents we send out - how can we change this?"

The Implementation Methodology has been developed over 5 years by our highly experienced project managers and is designed to solve this issue and make sure staff do change their attitude to this very important area.

Installation is a minor part of the introduction of NETconsent. The core activity required for a successful implementation revolves around helping the organisation to address the underlying issues of poor compliance.   

Measure Monitor & Manage

NETconsent works on the principle of "Measure, Monitor & Manage".  Historically we give our managers no tools to help them ensure policies are effectively distributed and read by staff.   NETconsent reverses this problem and is the market leading management tool for effective policy management automation.   

The NETconsent Implementation Methodology provides the project team with everything it needs to ensure an effective introduction of  the exciting new benefits NETconsent provides. These include:

  • Project Team Organisation
  • Project Plans
  • Milestones and Key Activities
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Forms
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Training Courses
  • Communications Program.

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