What's the difference between Examiner & Assessor Modules?

Examiner tests staff's understanding whereas Assessor ascertains staff's opinions

NETconsent Examiner asks questions about policies or procedures that the user has read and 'accepted', whereas NETconsent Assessor ascertains knowledge or opinions of people on a wide range of issues not just policy details.

NETconsent Examiner

For instance, with NETconsent Examiner you can check that staff understand the details of, say, the "Information Assurance" policy.  The notion of an answer is "right" or "wrong" to enable the system to electronically mark test papers, thus enabling the generation of a comprehensive range of management reports designed to help them take action to further improve the uptake of policies.

NETconsent Assessor

NETconsent Assessor enables your organisation to make considerable savings by bringing "in-house" such things as the annual Staff Survey or the DSE Workstation Assessment Risk Surveys can also be run as well as Self Certification Programs.  The notion of an Assessor answer is that it is either "appropriate" or " inappropriate" thus enabling the generation of management reports detailing where problem areas exist within the organisation.