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Strengthen the Human Factor to Raise Standards of Compliance

Learn how NETconsent compliance and communications software automates the policy management lifecycle, delivers elearning promotes user awareness for:

  • FCA
  • Information Governance
  • ISO 27001
  • Public Service Network
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • User Education & Awareness
  • GDPR
NETconsent helps organisations comply with FCA requirements by enabling the fast and efficient roll out of new or revised policies and the ability to report whether employees understand them.
NETconsent can control access to IT services until users have read, understood and accepted IT policies, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches. NETconsent can also be used to deliver user awareness content as well as determine comprehension through it's testing capabilities.
For organisations looking to achieve ISO 27001 certification, NETconsent is an exceptional asset, delivering a sensible and accessible repository to store all policies, procedures, educational and other compliance material, whilst only allowing access to particular documents based on specific roles. Content can be updated, distributed and responses tracked in a manageable way, and most importantly, in accordance with the document control section of the standard.
PCI DSS compliance is mandatory and non-adherence could result in heavy fines. NETconsent ensures that all relevant individuals within an organisation are PCI DSS policy proficient, implementing compliance at every level.
NETconsent cost-effectively automates several areas of the PSN Code of Connection, by ensuring that authorised users read, understand and sign up to the personal statement or AUP.
NETconsent ensures staff awareness of the critical SOX requirements without a long training process and also tests understanding of SOX policies and procedures.
NETconsent raises standards by automating the provision of user awareness content to relevant users, thereby removing the need for users to go and find eLearning content themselves. Being proactive delivers a higher level of participation and consequently a higher level of compliance.
NETconsent covers many areas that your organisation needs to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation, such as raising awareness, enforcing policies and controlling access to IT resources.
Reach Your Target Audience in Their Native Language
NETconsent available in 8 languages
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Polish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Spanish

NETconsent can deliver content to users in any language through the ability to publish the same content in multiple languages. To further enhance a user’s experience, the end-user interface is available in English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Swedish, Polish & Dutch.  Additional languages will added on demand.

What Our Clients Say

  • Cornwall County Council

    New skills were acquired quickly and productive time maximised by following a structured program which guided us along the critical path for this innovative new approach to Policy Management. The NETconsent Implementation Methodology really helped our project team to introduce this exciting new policy management solution whilst ensuring minimum disruption to the culture of the Authority.

    Mervyn DunstunComputer Audit Manager, Cornwall County Council
  • Wigan Council

    NETconsent did everything that Wigan needed and more. From our initial requirement to save the Authority time and money in the deployment of our Acceptable Internet Policy to improving our corporate governance activities, the system has impressed us at every turn.

    Peter LiveseyAssistant Director of Finance & IT, Wigan Council
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  • Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council

    The Council engaged with NETconsent in order to provide us with a more innovative way to deliver our ICT policies, in the first instance, to our users with the important consent part of that process being more effectively managed and monitored.

    Leigh GriptonService Director (Customer Care & ICT), Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
  • Plymouth City Council

    Compliance, best practice and the ability to audit are increasingly becoming key elements to our journey towards excellence. We decided to act proactively to put ourselves in the best possible position to promote better understanding of our policies. With NETconsent’s software in place I feel confident that we have taken positive steps to ensure policy management activities.

    Giles PerrittHead of Continuous Improvement, Plymouth City Council
  • South Hams District Council

    The solution is easy to deploy and NETconsent has provided an excellent level of support. When we commenced the evaluation we were only looking to manage the security-related policies, but as we progressed we realised that many other council policies and procedures would also benefit from an automated policy management solution.

    Robin BarlowICT Support Manager, South Hams District Council
  • NHS Lanarkshire

    NHS Lanarkshire regularly receives 'Safety Action Notices' from the Scottish Executive Health division (SEHD) and it is essential that the Trust communicates these to the relevant staff as simply and as quickly as possible to minimise patient risk. Moreover, the Trust needs to be sure that everyone has received these notices, providing proof if necessary. NETconsent simplifies this whole process and gives us greater confidence in our communication process.

    Gavin CoxHead of IT Infrastructure, NHS Lanarkshire
  • Optimax

    NETconsent’s product enables us to communicate policies to users easily and have real-time knowledge of which policies users have agreed to. It has really taken over the management of policies and removed the burden from the team responsible. I would definitely recommend it to others.

    Nick RussellHead of Technology, Optimax
  • Landmarc Support Services Limited

    Working with the Ministry of Defence places strict requirements on Landmarc; a fully auditable policy management process enables us to demonstrate our commitment to compliance. NETconsent Policy Management software provides an effective solution for tracking and recording that users have read and accepted company policies.

    Adrian PattersonIT Support Manager, Landmarc Support Services Limited
  • Darlington PCT

    Clinical Negligence costs are still escalating in the NHS and one of the best ways to reduce such claims is to ensure all staff are working to the same policy and procedures. It was considered that NETconsent would enhance our response to external NHS auditors such as the NHSLA and the Healthcare Commission.

    Terry HolloranAssistant Director of Integrated Governance & Corporate Service, Darlington PCT
  • Gosport Borough Council

    Ensuring that everyone understands how they must manage sensitive personal data and have them sign up to policies and procedures is an essential step to us becoming compliant with the GCSx Code of Connection. Managing this task through a traditional manual process just isn't practical! We have therefore selected the NETconsent policy and procedure management system to help ensure our compliance, without increasing our administrative overhead.

    David ElandHead of IT, Gosport Borough Council
  • Yorkshire Ambulance Service

    In my view, the scope and value of the technology goes beyond compliance. By enabling us to pass on messages and important updates on information governance, it also acts as a powerful real-time messaging tool. Employees say they like the layout of the browser and find the system easy to use.

    Richard PriceInformation Systems Manager, Yorkshire Ambulance Service
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  • Harburn Management Services Ltd

    It's an easy to implement application, with outstanding support, and an excellent financial package, which as far as I'm concerned makes NETconsent Compliance Suite the most compelling solution by far - it's big payback for low investment.

    Richard WebbDirector, Harburn Management Services Ltd
  • Snows Group

    Policies are more likely to be read if they are presented to employees rather than expecting staff to go searching for them, and if they aren’t being read properly, we can clarify why.

    Stuart TrumanGroup IT Manager, Snows Group
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  • Tamworth Borough Council

    Seeking a provider that could ensure the demonstration of best practice for the council’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) was critical, NETconsent won out over the competition by virtue of product capability, cost-effectiveness and accessible interface, enhancing and simplifying the user experience. In using NETconsent, the council’s proactive approach is manifestly apparent to the accreditors.

    Derek BoltonCorporate Information Security Manager, Tamworth Borough Council
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  • Powys County Council

    From a design point of view, like others who have opted for NETconsent over its competitors, Julie was impressed by the intuitive user interface and unfussy design, “We wanted a solution that enhanced the user experience, rather than cause confusion because of an unnecessarily busy display and a reliance on distracting pop-ups".

    Julie DaviesIT Security Officer, Powys County Council
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  • The Aspire Group

    “One of the main priorities for the technology was to improve version control,” says Challinor. “When policies are presented as printed paper documents, this often goes out of the window. Using the automated NETconsent system, we have been able to address this and create greater policy ownership. “Policies are now refreshed more frequently because they are actually owned by someone. When it’s time to renew the policy, the person with responsibility is automatically sent a notification saying that this policy is now due.”

    Rachel ChallinorAspire Group Governance Manager, The Aspire Group
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  • Hammer Plc

    NETconsent guarantees a smooth introduction for new starters. “An initial set of procedures is mobilised and presented in a clear and comprehensive fashion” commented Phil. Misunderstandings are non-existent, thanks to the system’s characteristic precision and clarity. Phil also looks favourably upon the robust nature of the NETconsent application, commenting ‘quite simply, it works reliably and without incident”.

    Phil AngusPrincipal IT Security Manager, Hammer Plc
  • The Girls' Day School Trust

    “We chose NETconsent because it offers a solid policy management solution. It also came highly recommended from a number of sources”, he explains. Now firmly established, there are several key features of the product that really appeal to Gareth. They are Simplicity, Flexibility, Speed and Reliability. “The application is easy to use, with a configurable delegation system. Accurate reports can be activated quickly. The system runs securely in the background at all times, offering both consistency and peace of mind, freeing up my time to concentrate on other tasks”.

    Gareth JelleyIT Security Manager , The Girls' Day School Trust

Talking Points

  • Human Resilience

  • Simplifying FCA Compliance

    The biggest challenge for many organisations regulated by the FCA is providing evidence that the business is taking its responsibilities seriously. As the 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey proves, staff still play an unacceptably high role in security breaches, with 75% of large organisations declaring that they had suffered staff-related security breaches.