What is NETconsent?

What is NETconsent and how does it help your organisation? See below for an overview of how your business can benefit

NETconsent in 30 Seconds

A platform to deliver policies and training  to employees across the organisations 

Check employees knowledge with tests and exams 

Send messages and alerts direct to employees desktops 

Survey employees opinions and run assessments

Enforce important documents and messages are read and training is taken 

The employee portal keeps everything in a central location

The reporting module allows high level and granular data analysis 

Dashboards enable the organisation to identify its compliance situation instantly

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Introducing NETconsent

Watch this video to learn how NETconsent can simplify and automate your compliance programme, while keeping your users aware and empowered with readily accessible information.

Benefits of NETconsent

NETconsent allows the organisation to deliver Policies and training straight to the employees desktops in multiple file types ( E.g. PDF, Video, Word, etc). It also displays important business messages and alerts quickly avoiding them being lost in the email system.

Exams can be created by managers and administrators to check employees understanding of the organisations policies and training. NETconsent also provides the business with a platform to create and send surveys to staff, gauging opinions and collecting feedback from across the organisation.

The business can enforce that the employee reads a policy or take a test before logging in to their desktop, this can be done instantly or by giving a dated countdown for completion. This saves the time of managers having to chase up individuals.

The NETconsent Kiosk provides employees one place to access organisation Polices, eLearning and relevant business communications.

Management can report across the business to see the progress against Key Performance Indicators. Managers and HR can drill down to the individual level, to see who has read signed policies and passed exams.

If you would like a demonstration of NETconsent - please click the button

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