Compliance for the hybrid workforce

Whether you’re staff are at home or in the office, use NETconsent to promote a cyber-secure hybrid workplace.

What challenges does hybrid working create?

Remote working provides flexibility for the workforce, at the same time creating new challenges for the business. You cannot be sure that staff are reading or completing relevant training and with an increase in email traffic, you can’t be sure staff are reading critical company announcements.

Relevant policies have to be updated to become compatible with your employee’s current working situations as well as changing law.  New policies, such as a home working policy, need to be implemented.

NETconsent Endpoint Agent technology ensures home workers are captured and delivered content the same way as if they were sat within the office, with full enforcement .  Tests can be delivered to check users knowledge, Informer and Alerter can be used to announce important  business communications.


Hybrid working at a glance

Add content to the library specific for all users, whether office based or home working

Target content for distribution to specific users using dynamic roles

Home workers can access the NETconsent kiosk as if they were sat in the office and full enforcement still applies

Notifications are delivered to home workers by the kiosk when new content is available that requires their action

Managers can create training and tests on policies for home workers to check their understanding

Management can see who has accepted their documentation and passed or failed any exams

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Benefits of NETconsent Endpoint agent




With NETconsent, you can update your relevant policies as often as required and distribute them to your entire workforce within minutes.  Home workers can also be presented with any content specific to the change in their working environment using the Endpoint agent.

Home working employee’s are presented with the policy once they make a connection to the corporate network and acceptance can be enforced before they continue, taking the issue of “Chasing” the employee away from HR or the compliance team.

Making use of the Alerter tool, targeted and tailored departmental messages can be sent to your staff, above email, whether working at home or in the office.

NETconsent examiner, the business can confirm the understanding of a policy by testing them after they have read the document.

Using NETconsent reporter the business can provide comprehensive management reports on their policy status, drilling right down to the user level. providing measurable and reportable compliance.     

The NETconsent endpoint agent provides all employees one place for all of their policies, training and compliance documents, making it easy to go straight to the most relevant information wherever the user is accessing the network from.

NETconsent endpoint agent ensures that only the current version of the content is being viewed by the employee and notifies them when their is a new version of content requiring their action.

Linking with NETconsent content delivery service, employees can receive training on the policies they are signing, deepening their understanding and importance of why they need to adhere to them.

Administrators can easily upload, create and edit policies and content.

By having one central hub for all the organisation’s policies, they are easily managed and any version control is administered and tracked through the system.

NETconsent endpoint agent allows administrators to effectively distribute policies to the relevant teams, including home workers for their acceptance.

Administrators can choose what parameters they include for policies, these include setting and recording the reading time of the policy, implementing an exam after the policy has been read, and enforcing the user read and adhere to the policy before continuing to log in to their system.

NETconsent Endpoint agent works in conjunction with NETconsent training management system to provide training materials to support the corresponding policy to home workers.

Uses for NETconsent endpoint agent

Provisioning of the home working policy to all home working staff

Sending alerts to home working staff, keeping them informed at all times with business issues

Automatically distribute the latest version of your Cyber Security policy to your home workers that use the corporate VPN connections.

Continuity of delivery of content will be seamless between office and home workers

Any changes to the NETconsent kiosk parameters will be automatically delivered to home workers

Remotely implement and manage training and awareness or onboarding programs with NETconsent for new home workers.

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