Draw your employees attention to urgent business communications and information

What does Alerter do?

Send urgent communications in real-time to users desktops, ensuring they are seen whatever the user is doing.

Like an instant messenger, Alerter is designed to inform users of critical business information so employees can be aware of business situations that can impact their day.

Using different colours, Blue (Standard), Orange (Important) and Red (Urgent), employees know how important the messages are before they read them.

Alerts can be sent out to all users or just a certain group, this means the message is always relevant to the employee.

Alerts can be sent out immediately, which users will be delivered within 60 seconds or can be scheduled to appear at a specific time of day. 

Alerter at a glance

Employees are sent alerts direct to their desktop bypassing email, etc

Targeted to only relevant
employees with required alerts

Alerts are time related so that they are relevant and disappear when over

Urgent alerts such as Phishing attacks can be delivered within 60 seconds

Permissions can be set so only Managers or admins can create and send alerts

Management can see alert history, displaying who has been sent alerts and how often

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Benefits of Alerter

For the business

For employees

For administrators

Alerts are sent to the employees desktop in real-time, like instant messaging, providing a direct line of communication to all users at the touch of a button 

Alerts are colour coded depending on their urgency, allowing staff to quickly           understand the severity of the situation

Alerts can be targeted to specific groups or all users, ensuring the correct users receive the appropriate messages and are not interrupted with irrelevant information

The organisation is using the fastest method to alert staff of vital business communications

User groups can be targeted so that the right information gets to the correct people

Alerter can take the workload off departments by providing real-time  information, e.g. Helpdesk if there is an email issue

Critical events, such as malware attacks or phishing scams can be quickly alerted across the organisation

Removes internal email traffic and storage requirements

Alerts can be delivered within 60 seconds which is useful in critical situations

Alerts can be scheduled in advance to assist managers with routine information, e.g. fire alarm testing notifications

Managers across different areas of the business can have access to Alerter to send messages, taking the weight off IT helpdesks and administrators to send messages.

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Alerter helps you get important messages to your staff quickly

Talk to one of our advisors and get a full demo of Alerter and the NETconsent Compliance Suite to see how your organisation can benefit

Uses for alerter

Alerting that a Phishing Scam is being sent to users, “Do not open if you see this subject line….”

“An ISO27001 auditor is in the building today and tomorrow, please remember to lock your computers when away from your desks”

“Malware detected on the network, please close your email immediately”

“Email is down and is being fixed, please do not contact the helpdesk we will let you know when it is available”

“If you are parked in bays 10 to 15 could you please move your car by 11am, building work commencing this afternoon”

“The HR team meeting call has been moved from 9.30am to 10.30am”

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