Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

A new policy can be in circulation within 5 minutes

Introducing a new version of a policy is exceptionally easy.  Once the stakeholders have signed off the wording of the latest version of the policy the process to add it into NETconsent usually takes no more than 5 minutes and the next time anyone logs onto the network they will see the new version!

It is essential that the Policy Authors work very closely with the NETconsent System Coordinator to understand the ‘rules’ for publishing policies in NETconsent.   The NETconsent implementation methodology provides a check-list for Policy Authors to use to ensure a smooth introduction of a new policy.

Examiner tests staff’s understanding whereas Assessor ascertains staff’s opinions

NETconsent Examiner asks questions about policies or procedures that the user has read and ‘accepted’, whereas NETconsent Assessor ascertains knowledge or opinions of people on a wide range of issues not just policy details.

NETconsent Examiner

For instance, with NETconsent Examiner you can check that staff understand the details of, say, the “Information Assurance” policy.  The notion of an answer is “right” or “wrong” to enable the system to electronically mark test papers, thus enabling the generation of a comprehensive range of management reports designed to help them take action to further improve the uptake of policies.

NETconsent Assessor

NETconsent Assessor enables your organisation to make considerable savings by bringing “in-house” such things as the annual Staff Survey or the DSE Workstation Assessment. Risk Surveys can also be run as well as Self Certification Programs.  The notion of an Assessor answer is that it is either “acceptable” or ” unacceptable” thus enabling the generation of management reports detailing where problem areas exist within the organisation.

Sales Questions

NETconsent is licensed per user, the licences are perpetual and purchased within a banding structure.

The more licences purchased the cheaper they are per unit.

A fully functional copy of NETconsent is available for you to trial

Yes – you can download a fully functional copy of the NETconsent Policy Management software from the NETconsent web site.

When you have downloaded the software please contact the NETconsent Help Desk and they will provide you with all the support and advice you require to install the software and begin your trial.

NETconsent policy management software is exceedingly rich in functionality and the Help Desk will guide you through the process to make sure you understand the wide ranging benefits that NETconsent can bring to your organisation.

NETconsent will assign you an Account Manager to ensure your have everything you need from NETconsent to run a successful trial and a Technical Support Engineer to assist in the actual installation process.

Implementation and support

The NETconsent Implementation Methodology saves time, effort and cost

NETconsent has developed a fully documented Implementation Methodology designed to help clients save time, effort and cost as well as ensuring a successful policy management automation project.

NETconsent has been designed to solve the perennial dilemma facing businesses today – “We know our staff do not actually read the policy documents we send out – how can we change this?”

The Implementation Methodology has been developed over 5 years by our highly experienced project managers and is designed to solve this issue and make sure staff do change their attitude to this very important area.

Installation is a minor part of the introduction of NETconsent. The core activity required for a successful implementation revolves around helping the organisation to address the underlying issues of poor compliance.   

Measure Monitor & Manage

NETconsent works on the principle of “Measure, Monitor & Manage”.  Historically we give our managers no tools to help them ensure policies are effectively distributed and read by staff.   NETconsent reverses this problem and is the market leading management tool for effective policy management automation.   

The NETconsent Implementation Methodology provides the project team with everything it needs to ensure an effective introduction of  the exciting new benefits NETconsent provides. These include:

  • Project Team Organisation
  • Project Plans
  • Milestones and Key Activities
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Forms
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Training Courses
  • Communications Program.

Please call NETconsent for further information.

Annual Support & Maintenance is available

If you have a current Support & Maintenance Agreement then you are entitled to upgrade to new versions of the NETconsent modules you have purchased without additional charge.

New versions of NETconsent policy management software are released approximately every six months and are based upon feedback we receive from our customers.

If you would like to add your idea to the “Wish List” please contact the Help Desk and they will log it for you.  We do not promise it will be included, but many customer ideas do end up in one form or another in a subsequent release of NETconsent.

NETconsent reserves the right to charge for new modules that are added to the application. These will be usually licenced separately and you should contact NETconsent for pricing.

Comprehensive range of education programs actively support your implementation

To ensure your organisation delivers the benefits that the NETconsent policy management system brings we provide a comprehensive range of highly professional education programs.

Organisations are free to choose the combination of courses that suit their needs.

Technical Support Workshop

This module is led by one of the technicians that design and build NETconsent and is designed to ensure your technical support staff fully understand how to install the application; integrate it effectively with your network infrastructure; design an appropriate Disaster/Recovery program and to be able to answer operational questions that may arise from time to time.   Attendees : Network Administrators, Directory Support (AD/eDir etc.) DBA, Help Desk.

NETconsent Administration Courses

Our trainers will run for you a series of training courses aimed at helping your NETconsent Administrators to efficiently configure the system to meet your ongoing business requirements.  Attendees : NETconsent System Coordinator.

Policy Author

This module trains your Policy Authors how to load up their new Policy Documents into the NETconsent environment as maintained by the NETconsent System Coordinator.  It will also show how to run NETconsent reports that will demonstrate to their operational colleagues how well the new policy management regime is working and help them to decide where action is required to further improve policy understanding.

End Users

NETconsent has been designed such that it is not necessary to provide a formal training program for End Users – the system should be quite intuitive to use.   However, it is essential that prior to launch an effective communications program is run telling End Users what is happening, when and why.   NETconsent will provide you with a comprehensive range of ideas including the use of NETconsent Informer to help with this process.

The implementation time from purchase to rolling out NETconsent to the business can range from weeks to months.

This depends on the business the product is being introduced to, the customers timescales and the availability of the internal project team members.

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