User Education & Awareness

Compliance overview

Users are typically the weakest link in any security chain.  It’s common knowledge that human error, though mostly unintentional, is the main cause of security incidents that result in data loss.  The best solution for many organisations is to educate and empower its users.  Using an automated policy education and compliance tool such as NETconsent, not only gives users a sense of empowerment, it also signals to customers anywhere in the world that a robust method for addressing the entire range of risks associated with systems, people, and technology is firmly in place.

NETconsent supports user education & awareness through:

Multiple communication options – the end user can access documents in a number of different ways both voluntarily or by corporate enforcement.

Showing how well a user has understood each policy – by testing their understanding, thereby identifying knowledge gaps and enabling risk mitigation.

Policy presentation on mobile devices – gives users greater access to policies and procedures, whilst helping to develop user awareness of security issues.

Advanced tracking – real-time management reports that highlight the distribution of policies, and which users are yet to sign up.

NETconsent is also simple and convenient, with no software installation required by the end user.

User education & awareness requirements

Challenges of user education & awareness

A user education & awareness program must be adaptable to the organisational culture and specific business requirements.

A successful program is built on the foundation of corporate policies and standards, but should also include integration of security concepts into user responsibilities, a formal training programme, and effective communication.

While technological defences have standard templates or settings to follow, the human side can sometimes be the most challenging aspect. Many organisations rely more on the technology side, and avoid educating users in privacy or security controls due to lack of resources, or unsuccessful campaigns in the past.

There is real danger in ignoring the user side in highly connected business environments, where tablet and smartphone devices today are more powerful than desktop systems were just a few years ago. The security role of the user is more important than ever.

About user education & awareness

User education & Awareness is a process of continuous improvement of technology and human controls.  Just as perfect quality cannot be achieved, a corporate user awareness program is never finished.  It is always a work in progress, where professionals seek to do a better job each day to protect information, users, and customers.

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