Providing you governance, risk and compliance information at your fingertips

What does reporter do?

Reporter enables the organisation to simply and quickly produce summary, detailed and evidential reports in real-time, delivering management information across all levels of the business.

Reporter provides comprehensive reports for all the NETconsent modules, including Policy Manager, Examiner and Assessor.

Reporter’s comprehensive monitoring and summarising capabilities offer management in-depth analysis reports, to give up to date accuracy of where the business is with compliance.

Reporter also offers managers and HR the ability to drill into employee compliance status for investigations.

In summary, Reporter provides organisations with the information needed to effectively reduce the many risk exposures in today’s litigious society.

Reporter at a glance

Managers can have access to standard reports to monitor their teams compliance

Reports are completely configurable displaying the information relevant to the department, function or organisational needs

Reporting dashboards can easily be created for managing the metrics of a department, function or the whole organisation

The organisation can see what percentage of the workforce has signed policies, passed tests, completed training, received important business information or given their opinion on a survey

HR or line Managers can drill down in to individual employees to see what policies they have signed and exams completed

Management can see at a glance how compliant the business is against its policies. Making gathering information for audits much smoother.

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Benefits of reporter



Detailed reports allow line  managers to quickly identify who has read and understood policies and which employees still need to complete a task or who have failed an assessment.

Policy compliance status is instantly quantifiable at any time in simple visual formats, providing important information for management and auditors.

Custom reports provide the organisation and managers with a wealth of information at their fingertips.

Reports for HR and compliance investigations are easily obtained out of Reporter to quickly address any employee issues.       

The NETconsent compliance dashboard provides a convenient overview of compliance, user awareness and understanding of standards that have been set up within the organisation.

Reporter is easy to use and no specific report writing skills are required by users.

Standard reporting templates are provided and reports can be customised to the businesses requirements.

Secure access control protects the reports based on user privileges, providing auditing tools to the correct teams.

Using leading technologies, NETconsent reporter can be deployed in any sized organisation.

Uses for reporter

To enhance management decision making by providing real-time compliance status reports.

Empower management, to identify non-compliance.

Provide auditors up to the minute information on the organisations’
compliance status, speeding up assessments.

Identify any knowledge gaps or risk factors in the business, supporting
action to be taken based on facts.

Enabling HR and Compliance to easily drill into information for

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