Keep your employees informed of important business communications direct to their desktop

What does informer do?

Informer delivers important business communication to your staff before they log in. This ensures that messages are seen and not lost, E.g. in the email system.

Communications can be sent to all users or just a certain group, this means the message is always relevant to the employee.

Broadcasts can be time-bound, so someone returning from leave does not have to spend time reading out of date communications.

A record is kept that allows the organisation to track who has seen the message for compliance, audit and HR purposes.

Informer at a glance

Employees are sent messages direct to thier desktop bypassing email, etc

Target and deliver only relevant messages to employees 

Messages are date related so that they are relevant. Then disappear when over

Rights are provided to relevant managers and admins to create and send messages

Management can see who has been sent messages and run reports on opens, etc

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Benefits of informer

For the business

For employees

For administrators

Important business messages are read and not lost in email

Targeted relevant messages are displayed, saving the employers time 

If needed, employees can come back to the message in the NETconsent Kiosk

All messages are targeted to specific user groups so users are not overloaded with unnecessary information

Only relevant messages are displayed, saving the employees time and increasing their productivity

Employees can come back to the message in the NETconsent Kiosk

Reduces internal email traffic and storage requirements

Makes the creation of reports for audits or management easy

Managers can have access to Informer to send messages, taking the weight of IT and          administrators to send messages.

Demonstration of informer

Uses for informer

User awareness campaigns to distribute valuable educational material such as info-graphics, mini-posters, videos or other eLearning content

Help desk to communicate operational issues together with their resolution

Health & safety announcements to efficiently inform staff of potential hazards

General administration for the day-to-day messages that keep staff up to date with what’s going on

The “CEO Message” ensures everyone clearly understands the company’s main drivers

Call centre communications sending out today’s “hotspots” and “special offers”


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