Training management system

Provide training and content direct to your
employees desktops

What does the training management system (TMS) do?

The TMS allows you to deliver the training and content of your choice direct to the employees desktop.

With TMS the business can enforce that the user takes the training and that they do not keep deferring it. Users can easily stay up to date with their training in one central location through the NETconsent kiosk.

Managers and administrators can upload content, target to the relevant employees and schedule its delivery, producing either a comprehensive training plan or individual training modules for employees.

Training can be delivered before users sign company policies so they are aware of the context of what they are agreeing to.

When combined with Reporter, TMS provides comprehensive reports on which
employees have completed their training useful for compliance and best practice. 

Training management system at a glance

Upload training content into the
training management system

Create a content library

Automate and target training

Deliver training content directly
to users desktops

Enforce users take their training within a specified period of time

Create user tests using the examiner module

Track and monitor employee
training performance

Enable employee development

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Benefits of the training management system




The business can plan training programmes and build courses defined on job roles or    functions to ensure that their employees are being given the right skills and knowledge to perform their roles.

E-learning is significantly more cost-effective than formal training settings. As  well as a much lower cost due to the scalability of E-learning, employees can do the training from their desks and do not have to take significant time out of the business.

The training management system allows the business to upload course content from any source or provider. This means that the organisation is not tied to one specific provider and can tailor the best courses for its staff.

By combining Examiner with the TMS, the business can test and report the            assessment results from its staff.

Using Reporter the business can identify how employees are progressing with their training. Reports can be provided for  management oversight and for relevant audits.

Employees benefit from having one platform to manage all of their training.

Using the NETconsent kiosk, employees
can see what training they have been        assigned and when it needs to be completed by.

Employees can test their understanding by taking tests on their training in the      Examiner module.

Training can be linked-to performance reviews or promotions and is a great way to keep staff motivated and satisfied.  

NETconsents, automation technology distributes staff training. Training can be sent to the whole business, groups of users or just certain employees.

Administrators can choose from different scenarios around how the employee        completes the training. It can be enforced taking the training before log in to the desktop, or the user can be given a specific time frame for the completion, with the ability to defer a number of times before the system forces them to complete the course.

Training content can be easily loaded and distributed to staff, NETconsent works with the open standards, SCORM, HTML5 and video content so that the user and the business can track their progress.

NETconsents Policy Manager works in harmony with the TMS to provide training  content before staff sign the organisation’s policy documents. Administrators can simply set up the two to launch straight to the users desktop.

Tests can be simply created through NETconsent Examiner, these include          multiple choice, Yes/ No and True/ False questions & answers

Uses for the training management system

  User Awareness Training for Cyber Security.

  New Hire Training on Staff Procedures and Policies.

  Health and Safety Refresher Training.

  Department or Job Roles Specific training such as PCI-DSS or Sarbanes Oxley.

  Training for new legislation or policies, E.g. GDPR.

  Training as part of a Graduate Programme.

  Contractor or temporary hire corporate compliance information

TMS helps you provide training and content directly to your users desktop

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