Extend compliance to 3rd parties, outsourcing companies, partners, contractors and manual workers making them aware of your content, and sign up to them.


What does Portal do?

Network users are managed using the Active Directory structure, non-AD external users such as contractors, 3rd party suppliers and manual employees cannot be engaged in the same way.  Portal enables the organisation to extend their NETconsent functionality to non-AD users and provision any content requiring acceptance.

Portal ensures outsourcing companies, partners, contractors and consultants are aware of your content and sign up to it.

NETconsent Portal ensures that only the current version of the content can be viewed by the non-AD user.

The NETconsent portal provides non-AD users one place for all relevant policies, training and compliance documents, making it easy to go straight to the most relevant information and easily access it from any device with internet access.

Portal at a glance

Add content to the existing  library specific for external users

Target documents for distribution to specific external users using dynamic roles

External users can access the portal application online and self-register 

External users are notified by email when new content is available that requires their action

Managers or admins can create training and tests on policies for external users to check their understanding

Management can see who has accepted their documentation and passed or failed any exams

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Benefits of Portal

For the business

For employees

For administrators

NETconsent portal allows the business to identify non-compliance status  across the non-AD workforce and to detect users that have not read or accepted its policies. Access to systems could then be disabled until the compliance tasks have been completed.

Non-AD users are  emailed a notification when new content is available for their action, taking the issue of sending paper documents out to users and “Chasing” the user to return them signed.

Portal records the users read-time on content. Management can run reports on read times to ensure users are taking an appropriate amount of time to read/process content. 

Using NETconsent examiner, the business can confirm the understanding of a policy by testing them after they have read the document.

Using NETconsent reporter the business can provide comprehensive management reports on their policy status, drilling right down to the user level. providing measurable and reportable compliance.     

The NETconsent portal provides non -AD users one place for all of their policies, training and compliance documents, making it easy to go straight to the most relevant information.

NETconsent portal ensures that only the current version of the content is being viewed by the employee and notifies them when their is a new version of content requiring their action.

Linking with NETconsent content delivery service, employees can receive training on  the policies they are signing, deepening their understanding and importance of why they need to adhere to them.

Administrators can easily upload, create and edit policies.

By having one central hub for all the organisation’s policies, they are easily managed and any version control is administered and tracked through the system.

Policy manager allows administrators to effectively distribute policies to the relevant  users for their acceptance.

Administrators can choose what parameters they include for policies, these include setting and recording the reading time of the policy, implementing an exam after the policy has been read. and enforcing the user read and adhere to the policy before continuing to log in to their system.

Policy manager works in conjunction with NETconsent training management system to provide training materials to support the corresponding policy.

Uses for portal

‘Non-Disclosure Agreements’ can be provided to contractors working alongside the organisation.

Manual staff who access the organisations premises can be provided with all health and safety material to protect them.

Bank staff at medical facilities can be provided with access to all relevant policies and procedures before they attend any site

Visitors to sites can be provided with any security information that requires their adherence before being allowed access.

Warehouse staff can access the portal though a corporate PC onsite and accept content.

Non-AD users can access the portal via a phone, iPad, tablet, home PC or office PC to accept content

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