Content manager

Drive employee engagement and compliance through delivery of policies and training directly to users desktops

What does content manager do?

It is essential that organisations put in place effective training, policies and controls, to complement new business challenges, in addition to significantly addressing legislative and regulatory requirements.

Firstly, In a growing litigious society, policies, procedures and training must be readily available, kept up-to-date, be clearly communicated and identifiable for compliance reporting. Secondly, agreement to each piece of enforced content needs to be tracked, so that organisations can prove employee compliance and demonstrate sound governance.

Content Manager offers a proactive approach to the Training and Policy Management life-cycle, thereby ensuring high levels of policy compliance and protection from risk for your organisation and employees.

Content manager at a glance

Deliver relevant business policies and training direct to employees desktops

Employees have a kiosk to access their polices, training and critical business messages

Manage the life cycle of the organisations policies  

Employees always see the current version of the organisations policies

Enforce that employees take training or read policies before accessing their desktop

Managers or admins can create and issue tests to gauge employees understanding

Management can analyse who has been tested, in addition to running reports on pass / fails

Report across the business who has taken training, signed policies and viewed important information

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Benefits of content manager

Content management

Training management system

Content management enables organisations to control the entire policy life-cycle from one central location.

Employees are always up to date on the latest version of the organisation’s policies and the business can track who has read and accepted them with the NETconsent reporter modules.

Administrators can set parameters, enforcing that the employee reads the policy before entering their desktop.

Policy read time is tracked to monitor who may have skipped to the bottom of the document and a randomised test can be presented  to check the employee’s comprehension of what they have read.

Training Management System (TMS), enables delivery of  employee training and content direct to the users desktop.

The TMS enables training to be targeted for the employee’s job role or any other content the organisation may want to administer e.g a user awareness campaign for Phishing scams, etc.

The TMS works in conjunction with policy manager and can be used to train and test users around policies.

The business can report on what training content has been delivered, who has received it and what training has been completed.

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