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Enterprise compliance, policy management, training and corporate communications.
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Introducing NETconsent

NETconsent easily automates your compliance programmes, while keeping your users aware and empowered with readily accessible information.

An enterprise solution that delivers

From SME to global organisations, NETconsent works for end-users as well as third-party suppliers and contractors alike

With multi-national and multi-lingual support, you'll know that your end-users are delivered content to the correct target audience

Zero client-deployment option for internal users means enterprise-wide deployment time is as little as 2 hours

Policy management made easy

Our delivery platform automates 100% user participation and engagement across all platforms to protect your organisation from the constantly evolving regulatory controls and risks.

Pro-active alerts sent direct to your users desktop

Elevate urgent communications above email using Alerter

Create and automate surveys and risk assessments

Attain user feedback and provide valuable management insights into corporate consciousness

Deliver training packages and videos direct to your employees

Deliver training to users and automate their participation within a guaranteed timescale

Test your employees understanding of the corporate policies and training

Examiner provides tangible results and allows the business to report on what percentage of staff understand its policies, training and content

Platform Independent

Simplify employee acceptance and completion of content and training from anywhere, anytime and on any device, in their preferred language.

Hybrid office & homeworking compatible

Multi-National & Multi-Lingual

Easily deliver global, regional or local content to users to satisfy local jurisdictions in a user's preferred language

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