NETconsent Reporter enables organisations to simply and quickly produce summary, detailed and evidential reports in real-time, delivering management information at all levels.

NETconsent Reporter provides comprehensive reports for all the NETconsent modules, including Policy Manager, Examiner and Assessor and is included in the NETconsent Compliance Suite.

NETconsent Reporter’s comprehensive monitoring and summarising capabilities offer real time and historical views of activity, providing organisations with the information needed to effectively reduce the many risk exposures in today’s litigious society.


Features & Benefits

Operational Efficiency
  • Detailed evidential reports

    Line managers can quickly identify who has read and understood policies.

  • Graphical management reports

    Policy compliance status is instantly quantifiable at any time in simple visual formats.

  • Multiple output formats – Print, PDF, Excel, Word etc.

    Provides flexibility for use in different circumstances.

Personal Productivity
  • Intuitive report generation with selection criteria

    Easy to use as no specific report writing skills are required by users.

Compliance Management & Reporting
  • Secure browser-based reporting portal

    Deliver sound corporate governance by guaranteeing confidence in compliance reports.

  • Accurate exception reports

    Ability to identify reasons for non-compliance and enable prompt remedial action to be taken, based on risk factors.

  • Real-time compliance reports

    Enhances management decision making with accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Secure access control

    Allows access to reports based on rights to see the reporting information.

  • Support for custom reports

    Ultimate flexibility to build any report requirement that does not come as standard within NETconsent.

  • NETconsent Compliance Dashboard

    Provides a convenient overview of compliance, user awareness and understanding for standards you have set up within your organisation.

Deployment & Administration
  • Proven scalability & reliability

    Using leading technologies, NETconsent Reporter can be deployed in any sized organisation.

  • New report templates downloadable

    No need to upgrade software, just log on for new reports as they are released.

Free 30 Day Trial

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Technical Specification
  • NETconsent Policy Server

  • Supported Workstations

  • Supported Browsers

Microsoft Windows Server running Internet Information Server

  • Microsoft Windows 2012r2 + 


  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Other standard LDAP Directory

Database & Reporting

  • Microsoft SQL 2012r2* running SSRS +
  • * SQL Express Editions are supported but may impose limitations
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Windows 8 & 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Apple Macintosh OS X+
  • Internet Explorer 10+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Google Chrome