NETconsent v4.12.0 release

NETconsent v4.12 has been launched, this is a minor release which includes new and enhanced functionality.

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NETconsent is proud to announce the release of NETconsent v4.12.0. This release includes new features and functional enhancements.  One of the main new features added is now being able to deploy html5 eLearning training packages to users within the end user interface.

This post details the new functionality which has been added to v4.12.0 of NETconsent.

If you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade to v4.12.0 please contact us at

New functionality

HTML5 eLearning delivery

New functionality has been added to NETconsent, so eLearning content (HTML5 website packages) can be delivered to users via the end user interface.  These packages can be set as enforced content, allowing timescales to be set against the training and reducing the workload associated with chasing users who have not completed the required training.

Administrators can upload eLearning content (HTML5 website packages) to NETconsent Policy Manager.  Configuration can be set within the HTML package to disable the ‘Accept’ button until the eLearning module has been completed and skip days can be applied to allow users a set period of time to complete the training.  More information on this configuration is available from

N.B. This functionality is only available on Windows 2012 server or above

New language introduced – welsh

The end user interface is now available in Welsh language.

Completion message

When creating a new Version of an Enforced or Voluntary document in Policy Manager, a new optional field called ‘Completion Message’ has been added. If a message is entered in this field, the content will be displayed in the screen that asks the user for their password when accepting the Policy. e.g. Thank you for reading the policy.

Enhanced functionality

New flag added to the command line in the GPO for unlock

When a user logs on to network NETconsent is deployed using a group policy object.  If a user only locks the PC and does not log off, the end user interface will not be deployed.

New flags have been added to the command line that will deploy the kiosk on ‘unlock’ if there are outstanding actions.

New flag added to the command line for kiosk opening size

A new flag can be added to the Command Line in the GPO –RDS100. This is used with Windows Remote Desktop Services where the Kiosk will automatically open to 100% Height and Width of the screen and forces the end user interface in front of any other open applications.

New languages added in NETconsent site administration

Bengali and Nepali language have now been added to the available languages in user manager. Content can be uploaded in multiple languages for delivery in the end user interface, depending on the language a user has set or chooses will reflect which language version they will be delivered.  

My activity refresh

In the end user interface a user can move between my activity, my history, active documents and advanced search.  When a user now moves back to the my activity tab it will refresh the content to show any new outstanding actions if applicable.

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