NETconsent v5.1.0 release

NETconsent version 5.1.0 has been launched, this is a minor release which includes new and enhanced functionality.

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NETconsent is proud to announce the release of NETconsent Version 5.1.0. This release includes new features and functional enhancements.

This post details the new functionality which has been added to Version 5.1.0 of NETconsent.

If you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade to V5.1.0 please contact us at

New functionality

Site Administration Navigation improvements

Site Administration, has been updated to aid with managing all content. Increased space has been made available for easy view. The Headers have been replaced with new-look icons with Tooltips.

The tree has more available space, making navigation through the menus easier especially for customers with large numbers of uploaded content.

Technical enhancement – TLS Disabling

NETconsent now supports disabling of the TLS 1.0 and\or 1.1 protocols. 

The Endpoint Agent is now supported on .NET4.5 and above only clients.

The NETconsent Endpoint Agent that allows users working from home to be deployed the end user interface can now be installed on PC’s with either .NET3.5 SP1 OR .NET4.5 (or above) on – i.e. Windows 10 you no longer need to enable .NET3.5 to be able to install the agent.

Scroll Icon has been added to PDF documents in the end user interface

A scroll icon has been added when users open PDF documents within the NETconsent end user interface. When users open a document to process the scroll icon will indicate that the user needs to scroll down if there is multiple pages to the document.

Enhanced functionality

The Synchronisation service has been speeded up

A change has been made to the Synchronisation Service to reduce the time the synchronisation process takes. The synchronisation service is how NETconsent and the organisations active directory communicate.

eLearning button enhancement

Within the end user interface, users can be delivered eLearning  zip site content, if the user selected the query\info icon, action buttons appear so the user can decline\query. This has been enhanced such that if the user does not select an action within 5 seconds, the buttons auto hide again.

Site admin tree navigation remembering location

In Site administration, your selection in the navigation tree is remembered. If you navigate to a different location in the application (i.e. if you are in Policy Manager and navigate to Settings and back to Policy Manager) you are returned to your previous location in the tree. An issue has been fixed onto page refresh to also maintain your location in the tree.

Site administration new look with increased space

Site administration has been updated with nee look icons, with tool tips and space has been increased across all modules to aid navigation. 

Alerter module shown but disabled on a licence without the alerter module

In Site Administration the Alerter module now shows (but as disabled) if you do not have a licence for the Alerter module.

Represent of content Daily

The ability to represent a document every day has been added. This has been introduced to assist with users returning to the office or working from home who need to confirm their current COVID-19 status.

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