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7 Nov 2016 - NETconsent announced today the release of NETconsent Portal, which further enhances its policy management capabilities for non-employees beyond the corporate network. New self-registration functionality enables organisations to seamlessly extend online policy management and training processes to third parties without the need for an additional layer of administrative overhead.

Many organisations rely on third parties to undertake critical business activities requiring access to sensitive commercial/personal data and adherence to internal policies. New European Data Protection legislation (GDPR) and industry regulations, such as ISO27001 and PCI-DSS require organisations to ensure employees and any contracted third parties or volunteers are aware of their obligations to safeguard personal information and the security processes, which they must follow. For organisations that take security seriously keeping third parties up to speed with ever-evolving security best practice and current internal policies has proved to be a time-consuming process, fraught with implementation challenges.

From today NETconsent offers a self-registration capability to speed up the registration of contracted third parties, volunteers and other external personnel, so they are directed toward relevant security (health and safety or code of conduct) documentation, in an appropriate initial timeframe, and subsequently reminded, whenever an organisation’s policies and procedures are refreshed. Tracking user interactions with all content aids organisations to demonstrate to regulators and auditors how they are minimising the human risk factor within the extended supply chain.

“Organisations are recognising that their responsibility towards compliance extends far beyond traditional boundaries.” says Dom Saunders, CTO at NETconsent.  “Working with third parties, contractors, volunteers and supply chain partners can deliver significant business benefits, but adds increased complexity and risk. NETconsent now enables organisations to encompass these third parties without the huge administrative overhead previously required.”

NETconsent Portal speeds up the process of onboarding third party suppliers and volunteers by enabling self-registration for people outside the host organisation. This capability greatly reduces the administrative burden of managing external users, who need to sign up to corporate policies or undertake training prior to commencing work and helps foster a more resilient supply chain.

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To enable NETconsent Portal organisations must either upgrade or install release 4.11 of NETconsent Compliance Suite

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NETconsent Ltd is a leading vendor of compliance and communications software that automates the policy management life-cycle, delivers e-learning content and promotes user awareness. By making content more visible and enforceable we help public and private sector clients to raise standards of individual accountability and conduct among their employees, contract suppliers and partners. NETconsent Ltd is a UK company based in Fleet.